Ronan Leonard connects small business owners to support groups through the innovative concept of virtual Masterminds. Without a co-founder or a business coach solopreneurs are often overwhelmed with to-do lists.
They need impartial advice to get the right support to help them achieve clarity and better results.

Ronan believes we’ve lost our connection to a “tribe“ A community that will help you solve your problems and accelerate your learning. He believes that there is more value in making real peer-to-peer connections than paying external contractors who have no vested interest in your success.

Passionate about helping others he is committed to giving away 1 in 6 spots on the platform to social enterprises and entrepreneurs from developing countries to create a truly global community.

Ronan loves seeing the benefits that Mastermind groups have on each person who participates and has helped 100’s of business owners increase clarity, confidence and productivity by creating the support network for them to achieve their true potential.

9 Million YouTube Views!

Ronan was just 23 he helped rescue passengers and fellow staff when the cruise ship he worked on sank off the wild coast of South Africa.  For 9 years he continued to work on cruise ships sailing the world as a casino manager.  His 1st business (a casino party company) grew from just 2 casino tables to over 50 and the largest gaming events company in Australia. With a casino background he understands risk vs reward and where the true value lies in what you put your time and money into (hint: it’s not gambling!). In his spare time he enjoys red wine and playing poker (but not at the same time)

Many people credit their success to a close mentor when starting out, but many people still feel that can go it alone, what do you say to people who refuse to walk in other people’s foot steps?

You don’t know what you don’t know. By the time you learn it – it may be too late. Plus it’s a long hard struggle on your own. Full of self-doubt, and major bumps in the road. Your chances of success are much lower and it’s not much fun either.

If you could gift one book to young entrepreneurs what would it be and why?

Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – Why? Because we all hear that success is more about mindset than actual business tactics or having the best product but very few actually GET IT. Work on it, and refine it and get better at it. So when you read this book you realise that your inner-self has always been holding you at the level you “think” you deserve to be.

How did come about?

I was just 23 and just landed my dream job working on a cruise line. Within six week of starting my dream job it turned into a nightmare as when a huge storm hit us and we sank off the wild coast of South Africa. I helped rescue passengers and fellow staff.

For 9 years I continued to work on cruise ships sailing the world as a casino manager. My first business (a casino party company) grew from just 2 casino tables to over 50 and the largest gaming events company in Australia.
I came to the Mastermind concept a little later in life. As part of a course I purchased I attended a mastermind. It wasn’t particularly well run but I loved the concept. Connecting to people all over the world that had similar frustration and questions. Everyone had something unique to bring to the group.

Ronan has a magical touch for bringing people together and, through mastermind groups, enabling them to do so much more. He comes to the table with some amazing people skills and also a huge tool box of habits and skills which enable everyone to ramp up their productivity.”

Denis Oakley, Growth Hacking for Startups

When if finished up I looked for other groups to join. It was almost impossible to find something that wasn’t incredibly expensive or was only offered as part of a course or program you had to purchase first. So I decided to create the ultimate virtual Mastermind platform. But it wasn’t easy. For 12 months I was living off my savings. I had multiple development issues because the webRTC concept was still in its infancy. But I persevered because I’d learned the key techniques that we teach.

Why build Eccountability?

I was curious to understand what successful business owners do differently? It’s rarely just IQ, being the best at something or even just hard work. And it’s seldom that one owner wanted to succeed more than another.

The key difference I found was in who they connect with and what help and guidance they sought
out and received. But that alone is not enough. The final piece of the puzzle is how they actioned this knowledge. When I looked around for other business owners like me, that constantly worked ON and no just IN their business I didn’t find many. Turns out it’s a pretty small group. So I joined a Mastermind group and finally found a way to help me be accountable, share my ideas, get great advice and make some great connections.

Eccountablility showed me how to do masterminds right, which makes them far more effective for me than what I used to be doing. Helps me set my priorities every week”

Victor Purolink, Trustshoring

When it finished I looked around for other ways to connect with business owners on a similar level as me. I only found really expensive courses or $10,000 Mastermind groups. I wanted to connect any business owner to any group at a fraction of that cost and create a real community.

So I build Eccountability  to fill a big gap in the market.

What does a typical Mastermind group look like?

No two groups are ever the same. What you do get is diversity of thought and perspective. Everyone comes with different expectations and skills (both life and business experience) The first phase can be a little awkward as you build up some trust in each other. When you commit to showing up each week you begin to experience your Mastermind as the highlight of your working week. You gain the sense of camaraderie that small business owners miss. Your work on your roadblocks and challenges, celebrating the wins together.
The next level goes even deeper. You begin connecting outside of the virtual sessions offering additional help, advice and support.
You reach a higher level of trust and better results that any Facebook group or networking event can ever provide.
Many Mastermind participants create friendships and partnerships that last for years.

Eccountability Mastermind Platform

To challenge, inspire and support entrepreneurs. Eccountability is a global community of accountability.

Eccountability connects driven entrepreneurs and business owners who lack a framework for accountability or mentorship.  It’s a community of peer to peer learning. We tailor custom mastermind groups with a proven framework of accountability, group learning and support.

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