Protein supplements can be a difficult choice to make, with the horror stories and shady ingredients, It’s important to research the products you consume. One product range Rogue recommends is UB Super. This food supplement created by the entrepreneur and sportsman Scott Kanyok offers high quality plant based smoothies that have being researched and developed by experts.

UB Super truly is Superfood Nutrition for Real LIFE!

More and more research is showing that eating a plant-based diet is crucial for good health. And that means eating real, whole foods and plant-based nutrients to optimally perform and thrive at your best. That’s exactly what you will get with each serving of UB Super®.

This plant-based, dairy-free, superfood-rich smoothie gives you ideal nutrition in one delicious scoop! Our high-quality, globally sourced ingredients come from 100% whole foods and is easily digestible with no gritty texture.

Every scoop of UB Super® Plant Based Protein Smoothie contains:

  • 5 different plant-based protein sources for healthy weight and meal management:
    • Pea
    • Organic Hemp
    • Organic Flaxseed
    • Organic Pumpkin seed
    • Organic Quinoa
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to support recovery & repair
  • B12 Methylcobalamin for energy and cognitive health
  • Organic Biotin for strong hair and nails, as well as lasting energy
  • Organic Maca for energy and hormone health
  • Fulvic minerals/acid for nutrient absorption, energy, and brain health
  • Pre-Probiotics w/digestive enzyme blend for digestion and immunity, as well as healthy cognition
  • Vegan Hyaluronic Acid for gorgeous skin and healthy joints
  • Superfoods for immune health and antioxidant protection
  • Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress
  • Natural Fiber to satisfy hunger and support blood sugar
  • Omega Fatty Acids for overall health and wellness

All this, plus 75 different vitamins and minerals—paired with our commitment to sustainability—are just a few of the ways we are Keeping It RealTM in everything we do…so you can enjoy life wherever it may take you!

UB Super empowers you to enhance your active lifestyle by providing the most nutritious protein superfood shake available. Made from the highest quality ingredients available in nature, following the highest sustainability standards, UB Super is the most convenient nutritional choice in your day. Enjoy the benefits of UB Super—including protein, superfoods, organic vitamins, fulvic acid minerals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes—and do real good for your body, your family, and your world.

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