Samir Becic became an internationally recognized fitness expert, earning a spot in Men’s Journal’s “Top Fitness Trainers in US” list, he began his life-long dedication to health and fitness in Europe as a distinguished Martial Arts expert. It was in the structured and flowing training of Martial Arts that provided the background for the ReSync Method.

After relocating to the US with a dream, determination, and talent, he soon began his career as a Fitness Trainer, developing new training techniques for his clients. While he was Fitness Director for BTF largest fitness facility in the US, his training techniques have earned him a number of industry accolades and awards.

“#1 Fitness Trainer in the World,” – 4 times
“#1 Fitness Trainer in Texas,” – 22 times
“#1 Fitness Trainer in Houston” – 29 times
“# 2 times “Best of the Best Fitness Trainer”
“# 2 times “Best Fitness Director”

Samir is one of the most sought after trainers in the country and is known industry-wide as a powerful motivator and pioneer. He regularly speaks at corporate and non-profit events and has also been featured in countless publications and has appeared on many international and national television shows. Samir is also the founder of and author of the best selling book  ReSYNC Your Life: 28 Days to a Stronger, Leaner, Smarter, Happier You. It is with great pleasure that Semir took the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Samir, could you tell us something about how you stay motivated, as procrastination and developing the health habit is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a better life?

Samir: For me, healthy lifestyle is a part of life. Physical fitness and healthy nutrition is something that I’ve done for decades. That being said, even I have days where I need some extra motivation. In extremely stressful situations, such as work overload, healthy habits can be challenging, even for myself. A decrease in sleep length and quality can throw the body off the wagon. In such circumstances, I take both a mental and physical break by taking a long weekend somewhere in nature with no phones, TV, or radio.

When you see all the diet fads that seem to come and go, between Intermittent fasting and carb restrictive diets, do you get carried away by the testimonials or stick to your own plan?

Samir: I created the ReSYNC nutritional plan that is more focused on teaching people healthy nutrition than on exact calorie intake. If strict and fad diets were successful, America would not be one of the fattest nations in the world! 🙂 Therefore, we need for focus more on the basics of what the human body needs in terms of nutritional intake.

The HFR site website is one of the most holistic health databases online. You seem to believe that the trinity of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health needs to be finely balanced, what forms of spiritual practices do you use?

Samir: Every morning, when I wake up, I sit in my favorite Eames lounge chair and spend some quiet time to center my thoughts and visualize the day ahead of me. I believe that spiritual health is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle and everyone needs to find their own expression of spirituality.

What makes your ReSYNC® Method different and if you could rewrite anything in the book, what would it be?

Samir: The ReSYNC Method is going back to the basics- simplistic effectiveness is the key. You don’t need any equipment or previous experience. I wouldn’t rewrite anything in the first book because it was designed to approach the 80% of Americans who do not practice healthy living and is challenging enough for those who are active. Therefore, my original idea was fully implemented in this book. However, my second book (ReSYNC Your Life)² Squared will have even more frameless concepts although it may appear more complex/ interesting.

Who do you consider to be the fitness person you have met on the levels of mind, body and spiritual health?

Samir: The closest person I’ve met who fits this description would be Chuck Norris and this is not a joke! 🙂 Two people who I have not met who I think embody healthy living are Jane Fonda and the late Jack Lalanne.

You came to America, to follow your dreams, and managed to rise to the top of your field, can you give some advice on how to build a brand?

I’m still trying to figure that one out even though it may appear that I am well-branded. The best advice I can give is to NEVER give up on what you believe and give it all you’ve got!

Your background is in Martial Arts, you to had to pick the best form of Martial Art to develop a well-balanced level of health, which one would you suggest?

Samir: Tai Chi, if it’s good enough for Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, it should also be good enough for the rest of us 🙂 !

What are you most excited about in the future, any projects you are focused on?

Samir: I just finished 6 of 8 marathons in 7 weeks while carrying compressed weights equivalent to a 73.5 lbs weighted vest. I’m looking forward to completing my 7th marathon in LA on March 18th, 2018. I’m doing this challenge in order to raise obesity awareness in America and to prove my ReSYNC Method’s effectiveness.

Obesity is at epidemic levels in western society, what keys changes do you see we need to make to change the tides on this health crisis?

Samir: In a perfect world, we could eliminate widespread obesity in America in less than 12 months. However, in the 21st century fast-paced society we live in where multi-tasking and multi-thinking is a part of our daily lifestyle, it is difficult. Lack of sleep, overwhelming stress levels, lack of relaxation, financial burdens, lack of physical activity, and accessibility to fast food are making us fatter, sicker, dumber and weaker. In order to fight this, we need to reverse all of the above.

Finally, what is your guilty pleasure?

Samir: Very seldomly I will indulge in a good (a VERY good!) cigar after completing a successful project. I am in no way advising anyone else to do so, because smoking- even cigars that you don’t inhale- can be detrimental to your health.

Thank your Samir for taking the time to share with us your insights. If you wish to know more about Samir Becic, you can visit his magazine at or go to his website at and if you are serious about making lasting changes in your life, we strongly urge you to pick up a copy of his book
ReSYNC Your Life: 28 Days to a Stronger, Leaner, Smarter, Happier You, a truly inspiring read.



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