We are paying homage to the incredible landscapes and backdrops of this iconic series. From Northern Ireland and Iceland, to southern Croatia, Malta and Morocco, we have seen many countries playing a starring role in George R.R. Martin’s epic creation. Season 6 and 7, however, have seen Spain become the protagonist and shows off the incredible areas of Andalucia, Cataluña and País Vasco, amongst others. But nowhere was more impress than the warmer climes of Dorne, the most southerly of the seven kingdoms of Westeros, and the lands of Essos, across the Narrow Sea. The bullring of the Andalusian town of Osuna became the fighting pits of Meereen, the Alcazar of Seville was the perfect substitute for Sunspear, the capital of Dorne, and its Water Gardens, while Cordoba’s Roman Bridge became the Long Bridge of Volantis. But all this pales in comparison to the true beauty of the Andalucian City of Granada. To share the best of Andalucia we got in touch with www.alhambra-guide.com


Andalucía and its Moorish influence has proven to be a hit with the show’s makers. Once it became more successful and it was decided to invest in overseas filming locations, producers were drawn to Mediterranean Spain, especially with the introduction of Dorne in Season 5, which was inspired by real-life medieval Islamic Spain.

Top Things To Do In Granada

Explore the City with our quick guide to Granada

Soaked in a vibrant history reflected in the architecture. Granada’s monuments date back to the Moorish and Roman occupants for over thousands of years. Cultures merge in this melting pot of European and Moorish setting. Even today the people of the city of Granada have kept the essential nature of their past. The city is still heavily influenced by its Moorish roots and you will smell hookahs, couscous, and incense everywhere you go. Gastronomy and Beauty, Energy and Culture will seduce you here is one of Europe’s most amazing cities.

Visit the Alhambra Palace Naturally!

No visit to Granada is complete without a day in the Alhambra Palace. From the lush gardens to the moorish architecture you will marvel at this famous fortress from the Nasrid Dynasty. Get lost in time as you wonder through the islamic monument along with the stunning vistas of the city of Granada from its ramparts.

Mirador de San Nicolas

Enjoy the great scenic panorama of the Alhambra from this square set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. The ambiance of the square with its mix of buskers and students enjoying the sun next to the mix of tourists. But be careful of pick pockets. Ideally visit during the sunset period to fully appreciate the beauty of this setting.

Bicycle Rental

Granada is the ideal city for bicycling with its spectacular scenery and mix of terrains. Its a very cyclist friendly city and with our affordable partners, Remember to respect the rules of the road and both you, friends and family can enjoy the city without the need for public transport.

Hammams Arab bathhouse

Experiencing the ancient Hammam culture is one of the best things about visiting Granada. With it modern reconstructed Hammam with its ambiant decor, relive the moorish baths in style. Cooling off is one of the best ways to escape the heat of the day returning to your visit refreshed and invigorated.

Sierra Nevada

A day trip out of the city and into one of Europe’s highest mountain ranges. Take a guided hike or overnight trip into the spanish countryside.

Check out Casa del Chapiz

These two 16th century mansions form into one, and there’s a courtyard with several galleries that are great to visit.

Admire the Granada Cathedral

The Granada Cathedral has a stunning white-and-gold interior that reflects the historical power and wealth of the Spanish kingdom. The cathedral was built during the reign of Queen Isabella in the 16th century, and is an example of Spanish Renaissance style.

The Banuelo

After soaking in a modern hammam, you should pay a visit to the ruins of this historical Arab bath. The Banuelo lies at the base of the Alahambra, and was part of a private house. The ruins date back to the 11th century, and are free to visit.

Wander through the Albaicin

The Albaicin is the historical Arab quarter of the city. A walk through here, with its narrow streets and characteristic architecture, will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different city.

Watch a Flamenco Show

Even if you’re not into dance, watching a flamenco show is a wonderful cultural experience. It may be touristy, and not very cheap, but the passion with which which these dancers express themselves is reminiscent of an old and very important tradition, which finds its roots in this region of Andalucia.

Take in the view at Paseo de los Tristes

For a fantastic view of the Alhambra, walk down to the Paseo de los Tristes, which lies along the River Darro, and begins at the Bridge of the Chirimias. The road got its name (“Passage of the Mourners”) because of the funeral processions that used to pass along the route.

Go for tapas

Even the saying “ir de tapas” (going for tapas and a drink) has found an important place in the language and culture here. Tapas are an essential aspect of Spanish life, and extend beyond the idea of just going for dinner. It’s a complete social experience. Order a few tapas between friends, grab a drink, and take in the social atmosphere around you.

Visit the Monasterio de San Jerónimo

A visit to the 16th century Monasterio de San Jerónimo is a humbling experience. The building has beautiful stained glass, but even more impressive is the detailed painting of the interior. The monastery is still in use, but is open for visits for 3.50 EUR.


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