Craig Hammond is a male fashion influencer based in the UK. He was voted top 10 Instagram accounts for mens fashion inspiration, is a Fashion Times top Five Menswear Blogger and NBN Best Fashion Blog Winner. Craig is the owner of where he showcases men’s fashion and other men’s lifestyle and interests including travel, cars, food and drink and things that inspire him. Rogue asked some advice on fashion here.

Hi Craig, could you tell us what first introduced you to men fashions?

Answer: I have always been interested in fashion but it wasn’t until I really started to wear what I wanted to wear, rather than what I felt I ‘should’ wear that I really started to embrace my own style and individuality. When I posted images of my outfits to the @that_dapper_chap Instagram page they were received very positively, so it inspired me to continue. The Instagram page grew as a result, which in turn led to being set up. The rest is history.

If you had to name one person who impresses you for their style who would it be and why?

Answer: I have to say that being a man of a certain age I am inspired by older men who really embrace individuality and style. Nick Wooster is an icon and I really appreciate what Aiden Brady has done for male fashion and the modelling industry

Which fashion faux pas makes you cringe?

Answer: Suit trousers that are too long and bunch up on top of the shoes.

What is your go to fragrance?

Answer: At the moment I’m wearing Vetiver Insolent by Miller Harris it’s a wonderful woody and spicy fragrance.

What advice would you give to a man looking to impress?

Answer: Get a well fitting navy suit. Wear it with a crisp white shirt and some black oxfords and you’ll look the part. Wear a tie for an interview or wedding or wear over a T-shirt for a date. Just make sure it fits you properly. I wrote a suit buying guide for Next which will help.

Conor McGregor has made Dandyism trendy again but do “Clothes Maketh the Man’?

Answer: Absolutely! Dressing well gives you confidence and that will come across in any situation. You dress good, you feel good. It’s also about self respect and wanting to present yourself in a positive way.

The Kingsman Controversy Oxford vs Brogues had an effect on the sales of shoes across the world, much like the wine debacle when Sideways Star Paul Giamatti’s character refused to drink Merlot thereby destroying the market in America. What is your take on the Oxford/Brogue debate?

Answer: I have to say I am a lover of a good pair of brogues and I am pleased that they have seen a resurgence in recent times. It has to be said however that Oxfords are a smarter shoe and that is the main point of the movie quote i.e. a Kingsman is always as smartly dressed as a man can be. To prove that point I often wear brogues with jeans, but I would never pair jeans with Oxfords, only a super smart, well tailored suit. But where does that leave us with the oxford brogue? More controversy!

Which clothing item is your personal fetish?

Answer: It has to be shoes. I have many many pairs in many styles but love something on oxblood or burgundy. I have shoes for all occasions from white canvas pumps for the beach to patent leather oxfords for black tie events.

Do you see any new trends in mens wear coming our way?

Answer: In direct contradiction to the super skinny fit trousers that have rules the high street over the last few years, I have seen wide leg trousers start to peep their head over the parapet. I’ve particularly seen this in chinos, giving a slightly 50’s vintage look. Rolled up with white socks, sneakers and a white t-shirt. I think this is a trend which will widen but it’ll be a while before guys start to put their skinny jeans to the back of the wardrobe.


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