Bonvier Elegant Time Pieces

High quality timepieces with an elegant, classic and minimalistic design. Boniver was initially formed in the city of Rome, Italy. With a passion to offer you luxury at an affordable price. Their designs are inspired by classic time pieces, with a minimalistic simplicity and with an attention to detail.  A Bonvier watch is a perfect companion for any occasion, whether you are attending a formal dinner party, are casually dressed, or playing your favourite sports.

Hautence Elegance

Georges-Henri Meylan and Sandro Reginelli have added a new chapter in 21st century watchmaking by forming a new brand Hautlence, an anagram of its cradle of birth, in the city of Neuchâtel. A city renowned for its watchmaking history. With a rich team of the finest artisans they have produced some of the most innovative time pieces on the market.