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Passive Income Books You Must Read…

Let me start by telling you that everything you are about to read will make me money. I can’t create a post on passive income without showing you how it works. The books selected here are genuinely the best sources I have read on the subject…but lets be honest. Each book is linked to my affiliate ID on the Book Depository so when you buy one, I get paid.

Over the next few weeks, enough people will buy one of these books using my code to generate one week’s pay for about two hour’s work. This is Passive Income 101.

Now the upside, I only promote links to products that I have personally tested or read and believe will improve your life.

Passive Income

I’ve been thinking a lot about what drives me to develop channels of passive income. I used to think it was money, but now I realise its more. It’s the creation of products that add value to the market. It’s about watching the seed of an idea take shape, breath life and develop into an useable product.