Jordan Peterson


The Antichrist’s Guide to Success

The most intelligent men, like the strongest, find their happiness where others would find only disaster: in the labyrinth, in being hard with themselves and with others, in effort; their delight is in self mastery; in them asceticism becomes second nature, a necessity, an instinct. They regard a difficult task as a privilege; it is to them a recreation to play with burdens that would crush all others. Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist

How do you eat a frog? To find the answer you will have to read this article.

Last night I talked to a friend by phone, we did our updates on life, then I mentioned I had just published The Antichrist by Nietzsche (small plug). Then I asked him about his long term project, to set up a business. His response was the same, he was making plans to make a plan. Same plan as last month, last year. I felt a little pissed off, so I told him my 1% rule. Make one move in the direction of your goals every day. Refuse to sleep until you do one thing to push the rock further up the hill.