10 Ways To Lose The Gut

Some people are enthusiastic when it comes to attaining goals when losing weight and have an adequate amount of time and money to join a gym and exercise every single day. On the contrary, some people don’t want to take an expensive gym membership and don’t have sufficient time or find gym too boring. According to most health professionals, one needs to follow recommended diet and regular exercise.

Fitness Myths

I was recently asked to contribute a few fitness and nutrition myths to a popular magazine. After some consideration, I included 4 biggies – the cholesterol myth, the protein myth, the exercise volume myth, and the aerobic exercise myth.

Montecristo Revenge

So the moment has come and you’re rather nervous, as you might be. The etiquette can be as confusing as your first threesome. but thank to rogue with can talk you through your first stogie and help you light up like a aficionad, and unless you’ve smoked a few stogies before, lighting up can actually be a rather confusing activity.

Smoking a cigar is a little like swinging your dick in the changing room, the secret is to make it look natural and not  like you are trying to hard. Do it right and you become the Alpha male at any gathering. There are subtle norms and conventions that cigar smokers tend to follow, and while you probably won’t be ridiculed for not knowing them, nobody wants to look like a greenhorn when the humidor comes out and everyone starts lighting up.

Oliver Reed

Reed preferred the company of “ordinary” people, short of pretensions, to that of celebrities. At school, Reed looked like Charles Bronson crossed with a boy scout, and being the class clown made him a hero among his peers. So he developed a permanent anti-authority stance, and the conviction that an antidote to boredom was to do something outrageous or challenge someone to a fight.