Passive Income Books You Must Read…

Let me start by telling you that everything you are about to read will make me money. I can’t create a post on passive income without showing you how it works. The books selected here are genuinely the best sources I have read on the subject…but lets be honest. Each book is linked to my affiliate ID on the Book Depository so when you buy one, I get paid.

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Now the upside, I only promote links to products that I have personally tested or read and believe will improve your life.

Tropic of Cancer

Henry Miller  was an American novelist and painter. He was known for breaking with existing literary forms and developing a new sort of ‘novel’ that is a mixture of novel, autobiography, social criticism, philosophical reflection, surrealist free association, and mysticism.

The Tao of Lee

When you think of Bruce Lee, images of kung fu and peak physical condition come to mind, but behind the movie star who opened up the west to the beauty of asian martial arts, was a man divided. Bruce Lee’s pursuit of physical perfection was equally mirrored by his profound love of philosophy. He was known to have had over 2500 books in his own personal library. Let us share a few with you now.

Tony Robbins Recommended Books

Tony Robbins lacks the arrogance to belief he created anything. He is an eternal student, nothing more. He knows he is a giant standing on the shoulders of giants. His voracious intellectual appetite for knowledge is evident in his willing to share the roots of his thoughts. This is the list of books that Tony Robbins recommends to friends to read. The books that have informed him with insights which he has used to formulate success for himself and others.

The Stranger Goldfinch

Mark Hughes the Screenwriter, Film Critic at Forbes spoke about his meetings with Bill Clinton and this seems to mirror everyone who has come into contact with his magic charisma.

I met Clinton several times (about 4, I think), first as a civilian before he was president and later while working on his first presidential campaign. The best way I can describe him to you is this: When you are talking to him, you feel like he doesn’t care about anything or anybody else around but you. He makes you feel like the most important person in the room, which is an assessment I’ve heard many people make about him and it’s absolutely true.

As Donna Tartt Pulitzer Prize Novel The Goldfinch gets the Green Light for a big screen adaptation, we look forward to seeing the young raising star of Netflick’s Stranger Things take up more mature roles. The novel, told in the first person by Theodore Decker who, at the age of 13, survives a terrorist bombing at an art museum in which his beloved mother dies. Staggering out through the debris, he takes with him a small, Dutch Golden Age painting, The Goldfinch, which will serve as a singular source of hope as he descends into a world of crime. The painting is one of the few surviving works by Rembrandt’s most promising pupil, Carel Fabritius; almost his entire oeuvre was destroyed in the Delft explosion of 1654, in which Fabritius was killed.

Most Gifted Books

Standing on the shoulders of Giants and learning from their successes and failure is an essential part of developing the skillset to succeed in Business. Rogue Magazine has reviews the best books of 2017 for inspiration and advice.

Aim higher with our bookshelf best reads.