Dan Hecho has been capturing the female form with his unique eye for composition for over a decade. His work has made him one of the most inspired photographers of his generation. Dan was born in Ukraine, where he received his art education, and he insists that it is this formal education in fine art that refined his eye for sublime detail and neo-classical style.

Since childhood, Dan had an interest in photography, but did not turn professional until 2007 chosing instead to dedicate himself to the study of the masters of the renaissance. He used his studies to experiment with filters to perfect his personal style of glamour photography. His own master classes, lectures and photo school have been visited by several thousand people over the past few years, due to his unique vision and artistic eye for detail.

Now Dan has developed unique video courses for distance learning to teach other to capture beauty and elevate the female form to higher degrees of artistic perfection.

Rogue caught up with Dan to ask him to share some of his secrets to inspire and instruct others on the path to professional photography.

How did you first get involved in erotic art photography?

Dan Hecho: I started my nude photography experiments since 2009.

Who inspires you?

Dan Hecho: I’m inspired by classic art paintings of Renaissance.

Which models do you feel have capture the essence of female form?

Dan Hecho: There are no criteria for a nude model. Everything depends on the photographer who works with her because each artist relies on his own inner world and his concept of beauty. And tastes differ! Some like ample curves while others prefer delicate and slender bodies.

But above all it should be aesthetic.

If you could work with one person who would it be?

Dan Hecho: It would be my beloved partner.

You have a very personal style, your eye for detail and composition, was this something you found naturally or did you have to work at it?

Dan Hecho: I have an art painting education, it helps me a lot.

What are the essentials to your work?

Dan Hecho: I prefer all natural themes: natural lighting, real locations, natural moods and reflecting the feelings of my models. For that reason, I use only my camera and two lenses, for middle and long plans, no need for complicated equipment when you have the setting.

What is your next big project?

Dan Hecho: I’m currently searching an international agent to sell my art to a wider audience.

For Further Information about Dan Hecho

Official Site http://danhecho.com/
Master Classes http://academyhecho.com/
Presets for Adobe http://hechopresets.ru/
Online Courses http://danhecho.pro/
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