As movies such as The Kingsmen and the flamboyant style of Conor McGregor hits the limelight recently, Dandyism seems to be having a much-needed revival. With that in mind, one department of a gentleman’s wardrobe for which one may overlook, is footwear. With that in mind, we visited the atelier of  Antonio Meccariello on a recent trip to Southern Italy.

Lately on a short trip to Naples, I was invited to drop by his workshop located just north of Naples, where I was lucky enough to pick up a pair from the master bootmakers Argentum RTW line.

Everything is done by hand at Meccariello. Being a purest, the artist offers last minute alterations on orders if you visit the workshop, or you can opt for the less rustic method and order from his  website. 

Mark Evans

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lives out of his rucksack, and a battered powerbook where he runs several online businesses. When he is not developing ideas he is also a freelance journalist for Huffington Post, GQ and Penthouse.

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