Health is not a goal its a journey. Creating your optimum self can not be seen as some future self frozen on some future horizon. Real health and change comes from creating lasting habits that will transform your life, period. What that in mind, Rogue contacted one of London’s top trainers to discuss his methods. Simply put, Sav Sandhu has created the Solution for men looking for real change with his 5 Star Body Transformation Programme. His principles set in motion positive changes physically, mentally, spiritually and structurally that will have your new found physique and change in lifestyle noticeable to everyone while inspiring those closest to you.

5 Star Body Transformation is a mind and body success system: it helps busy CEO’s, executives and directors drop 12-20lbs in 12 weeks without having to go on any restrictive diets or spending all their time in the gym.

Sav has been in the fitness and martial arts world for nearly 20 years, competing in a number of martial arts tournaments and teaching fitness to hundreds of people. Whilst studying and training under master coaches, he quickly discovered that being successful in taking care of your body would allow you to be successful in life. This is how five star came into fruition, helping people untangle their fitness and health problems and become better versions of themselves.

Rogue got a chance to ask Sav some questions lately, to help understand where his journey began and what the work is doing involves.

So, Sav How did you start become interested in health and fitness?

Sav. The journey into health and fitness started pretty young. My parents were pretty fit people and were active, especially as labourers. Like most of the that generation, they worked themselves into the ground and seeing them lose the battle on their health steered me on to the path of health and improvement. My first sport was kickboxing then into freestyle Olympic wrestling at age 12. As I got older and got myself into more trouble, I opted for something self defence based, in which I met my present coach when I was 16. As they say, the rest is history.

Your background is in the Martial Arts, in terms of combining health and martial arts, what style would you most recommend for somebody looking to develop a holistic level of physical health?

Sav. Interesting question. Martial arts and health are one in the same. Great masters in Kung fu were often referred to as doctors and it makes sense. You learn ways in which to hurt the body, therefore you understand how to heal it. I dont believe in style per se but principles of martial art. They develop structure, rooting, fluidity amongst a number of excellent qualities/attributes that not only define a great martial artist but a greater human being.

What do you feel is the greatest stumbling block to somebody trying to change their lifestyle?

Sav. The greatest stumbling block: not realising how all components are connected. One doesn’t just get fit and not see the bleeding effect it has every other part of your life.

As we develop our bodies and harness its abilities, it changes us physiologically then chemically, then emotionally, mentally and finally spiritually.

That’s a damn good deal if you ask me. We live in a world today were we live outside of our bodies creating more disconnection than ever before so it’s up to us to use the best tool ever given, our body.

Who would you feel has been the greatest inspiration in your life, and why?

Sav. A tough question! I have a few. Firstly my mother. Her strength of spirit still guides me till this day. Secondly my coach. Not only has he been my biggest influence to date, he has refused to die on multiple occasions (one hell of a story for another time). He has taught me the art of life, stubbornness, grit and complete immersion in your craft!

Your 12 week programme for business leaders is your trademark product, is 12 weeks a realistic timeline to make real changes in a persons life?

Sav. A superb question. 12 weeks is a guide line and provides a frame work. Humans are moved towards goals by a number of things, timing and structure being a few. It’s also a pretty good time period to create some change in habits. Many people I’ve worked with have infact worked with me for a lot longer than, as they begin to enjoy the process of looking after themselves and strive to peel back more layers about themselves. This can only happen with solid coaching structure and understanding the WHY and who each person wants to become at the end…

In terms of diet, what is your take on diet fads such as fasting, keto etc?

Sav. The problem with today’s age is the next fad diet and the next magic pill. Diets have their place, it depends on the context and goal. The actual question people need to ask is:

what’s your current relationship with food right now?

That’s far more revealing and shows plenty of roadblocks and issues. We do eat our emotions, literally. The process is to see it, understand it and move through it.

What is in the future for you, any projects you would like to tell us about?

Sav. The future is bright. More coaching, serving more awesome people, becoming more awesome every day (my coaches motto), owning my own gym and being a super hero.

For more information please visit  5 Star Body Transformation Programme.


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