Rogue was asked to review a new universal lens Starter Pack by Pixter to improve mobile phone photography and we were curious to see the results. Those 3 lenses will offer an unprecedented diversity of photographic creations for your smartphone.

Broaden your smartphone’s field of view with the Wide Angle lens, perfect for natural landscapes, urban monuments or groups of people. Shoot the infinitely small thanks to the Macro lens, perfect for flowers, details of a snowflake or natural patterns.  Bend the angles with the Fisheye lens, perfect for unforgettable selfies, extreme sports photos or anytime you may need to get a lot into one image!

Experiment, test, discover, have fun and develop your talents as a photographer.

  • Laboratory tested lens quality
  • A useful format that will follow you everywhere in your pocket
  • Compatible with front and rear facing cameras. (Also compatible with dual lenses)
  • Can be used with all photo and video apps
  • 2 year warranty

“Pixter lenses offer me multiple options for shooting, that before now had never been possible with just a smartphone.”


We had a full day of fun experimenting with the different lens and found that this neat little gadget could quickly become an essential extra for day trips.

Pixter essentially has snap-on lenses, which can change your photos in seconds. They’re universal so they work on any phone – Apple, Android or Windows, they don’t need batteries, Bluetooth or any niggly bits. It’s still fairly early days (I have so many more travel photos I wanna try these out on and even more destinations where I think these would be perfect for) but it’s been pretty great so far!


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