Matt Fiddes, fitness entrepreneur, is one of the most respected experts in the international world of martial arts and fitness. Matt’s achievements have seen him honoured at the highest level, after being inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with the prestigious ‘Martial Arts Superstar Award’.

Matt, you have practiced many different styles of martial arts, for men looking for general fitness incorporated into their training, which style would you recommend? 

  Anything that works for them! Keeping the body active is the key. There is no perfect style apart from the style that works for you. I have happened to develop a style that works for everyone.  

While in competition, did you have a routines to remain focused before a bout?

 Back in those days I would live and breathe martial arts. I was super focused. I always made sure my mind was as strong as my body and had a great team around me to always keep me focused. My diet was very high in carbs before a championship and I would never train the day before so I was at peak condition. 

Many people including Joe Rogan are very outspoken concerning what they consider fake martial arts, what is your take on the effectiveness of Aikido, Tai Chi etc.

 I think we are all concerned that because there is no regulation in the martial arts industry then anyone within reason can make themselves a black belt and open a school. I have even see websites now where you can apply online for a black belt certificate or take a short online course. I love all the arts and have friends who are experts in Aikido and Tai Chi and you would not want to mess with them!

Many people in film started out in celebrity security, notably Steven Seagel and Dolph Lungdren, has the call to Hollywood ever tempted you? 

  I get movie projects and scripts sent to me all the time due to my high profile inside and outside the martial arts industry but I don’t believe the movie world will ever be the same so I want to spend my time wisely with my students and franchisees around the world or with my family. Movies are a tough business. 

What book we you recommend for people interested in getting into bodyguard work?

 I never intended getting into security of becoming a bodyguard. Michael Jackson was a friend first. However clearly that’s a area that takes detailed advice. And in most countries bodyguards are armed. Working for Michael was a personal situation.

Any tips on reading a possible danger while in public?

  Run away from it. Even I am aware that it’s not a great idea being out late in public places after people have had a few drinks. Stay out of well known dangerous areas, especially after dark and try and be out in groups. The world has changed in to a more than ever dangerous place, which is  sad to see. Learning Martial Arts at a reputable  school will help someone recognize potential dangerous situations 

What daily routines do you endorse to stay in physical peak?

  I train twice daily and step it up if I have something approaching I need to be in super condition for. My diet is almost perfect most of the time. And I train weights in he morning and martial arts in the evening. The body likes routine and that’s the key to staying in peak condition  

And finally, what is in the future for Matt Fiddes?

I will continue to build my schools around the world. Add new programmes to the MF brand. This year sees me launch MF Hero’s first Aid and MF Tai Chi. I want to try and change as many life’s as I can. I love what I do and my media work has kept me very busy. Watch this space!


Founder of Rogue Magazine. Specialist in Design, Social Media and Marketing. With over 15 years experience dealing with Global Brands.

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