One of the perks of running a magazine is the array of interesting people you get to rub shoulders with and when Rogue got the chance to catch up with Penthouse Pet of the Year 2016, Kenna James, to ask her some quick insights into her world and what she looks for in a man, we couldn’t turn it down. Kenna hails from Evansville, Indiana and is currently a brand ambassador for X-Art. A high end adult entertainment website. This exclusive Rogue Interview took place in March 2018, we got her to answer some questions while she took time off the set for a chat.

Rogue: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Kenna: The craziest thing I’ve ever done is I ran away from home at age 17, moved myself to another state and a city I’d never been in, enrolled myself in high school and took s job as a stripper in a club to support myself.

What do you look for in a guy?

Kenna: I think I look for the same thing every girl looks for in s Guy, honesty, integrity, humbleness, intelligence, all the things that really count

What is the biggest mistake men make?

Kenna: The biggest mistake men make…..where do I start? Lol. God that’s a list. I’m not sure of the biggest mistake but a few that come to mind are unsolicited dick pics, random messages to girls they don’t know that begin with “baby” and talking in Street jive. Those are some of my biggest issues with guys.

What would you consider to be the best item of clothing a man should consider essential to his wardrobe?

Kenna: I’m a country girl, I grew up in the southern Midwest so to me a comfortable pair of cowboy boots is essential. Lol.

What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex?

Kenna: I think my favorite thing about guys are how chivalrous many are. It’s more common in the Midwest and south then here on the west coast unfortunately. It’s something I notice in guys.

Which celebrity would you sleep with in a blink of an eye?

Kenna: I’d sleep with Robert Downey Jr in a second! Lol. His roll in Iron Man just got me. I’ve been attracted to him ever since.

Where do you like being touched the most?

Kenna: Where do I like being touched…..Another tough question. It really depends on what’s happening at the time. Lol. If it’s a walk on the beach I like my hand held or the feel of his arm across my shoulder. If it’s during sex I like a guy who knows how to find my clit and then knows what to do with it. Lol.

What part of a man’s body would you like to see first?

Kenna: I like seeing a guys eyes, that’s where attraction starts for me. Everything is up there in the 6 inches between his ears that matters to me and his eyes are a first glimpse into that.

Thanks so much Kenna for taking the time for this chat.

Twitter @kennajames21
Instagram @kenna.jamesxrated

Mark Evans

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lives out of his rucksack, and a battered powerbook where he runs several online businesses. When he is not developing ideas he is also a freelance journalist for Huffington Post, GQ and Penthouse.

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