Joshua Lisec is a 3-time #1 International Best-Selling Ghostwriter, TEDx Speaker, Certified Content Marketing expert, and President of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC. Joshua creates influence, establishes permanent credibility, and flings open doors of opportunity for Entrepreneurs-turned-Authors by guiding them on the journey of writing and publishing epic books. Joshua’s clientele is made up of some of the biggest names in Entrepreneurship today, including Bushra Azhar, Founder of the Persuasion Revolution, and Jenn Scalia, Visibility Coach & Strategist.

Solopreneurship: How to Create Your Dream Job from Scratch

Joshua Lisec | TEDxErie When Joshua expounded his principles of what Solopreneurship entails; where he covered the highs and lows of going it alone with advice on how the next generation will look to creating a business which allows you to take control of your life.

Solopreneurs are a distinctive breed, but it’s not for everyone, what advice would you give to somebody thinking about going it alone?

The faster you get to 3 paying customers, the faster you’ll have something sustainable. At the beginning of your Solopreneurship, think like a handyman/contractor whose job is to help a single client solve as many problems as possible and get paid. Once you have 3 customers sending you work regularly, go for 6. Then 9. Soon, you’ll be able to standardize your offering and have a single product/service.

If you had to suggest three books to help educate the would be solopreneur on his jump to self employment what would they be?

Read The $100 Startup to write an actionable business plan.

Read The Ultimate Sales Letter to close the sales quicker.

Read 12 Rules for Life to put your career—and your life—in perspective.

As a ghost writer, what research techniques do you use to understand the complexities of the subject matter?

Whether I’m ghostwriting a future international business bestseller or a memoir for grandma (I’ve done both), my primary research source is the client—their expertise, knowledge, or track record. To buttress ghostwritten content with third party content, I consult the top professional publications and journals in my client’s field. For example, a 20th century American political history book project sent me searching for period newspaper clippings. Ultimately, knowing how to research properly matters, but drawing meaning from that research to support, deepen, or prove an author’s point—and weave it all together in the author’s voice—matters even more.

How do you deal with conflict between your vision and the clients when they are not buying into your expertise when dealing with their business?

An overlooked deal-breaker in nonfiction books is jargon. Two experts in a field speak to one another using professional language that flies over top of the general public’s heads. If an author wants their life’s work to be widely read and enjoyed by the mass market (they do), working with a publishing industry professional to “translate” their expertise for the general reading public is critical.

The psychology of selling is a double edged sword, have you ever been asked to deal with a subject/product you (later) personally did not believe in, and how did you deal with it?

I’ve always viewed ghostwriting as “acting in print” since I have professional acting experience (theatre and improv). When I’ve worked on controversial political, cultural, or religious topics, I “became” my client on the page.

My job is not to filter an author’s ideas through my experience, but help them communicate their ideas as effectively and persuasively as possible.

What is in the future for Joshua Lisec, anything exciting you are willing to discuss?

My wife and I are welcoming a son into the world this May.

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If you are interested in jumping into publishing Joshua has created  The Ultimate Book Revenue Calculator to help you know how much you can really make from writing and publishing that book you’ve been putting off.

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