Just like you need to regularly take care of the mop found at the top of your head, so do you need to do the same with the one sitting on the lower part of the face. It’s a process that involves combing, trimming, shampooing, and learning how to oil your beard.

I am a recent beard oil convert, and there’s no way I will turn back! Even though I had seen beard oil on sale in retail shops and men’s websites, it hadn’t crossed my mind to try it. That is until my beard became itchy, scruffy, and sore to look at.

Today, I can tell you that beard oil has lots of benefits to offer to the unshaven gentleman. It smells nice, tames the beard frazzle, and helps to moisturize the normally dry skin lying below it.

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How to Oil Your Beard

While the beard oil does make the beard look good, you have to realize there’s a right way and a wrong way to apply it. The following is a detailed look at how to apply beard oil. There is also a detailed article on how to take care of your beard

1. When to Apply Beard Oil

We all have our preferred lotions and hair grooming products. The same applies to beard oil. Having settled on the best beard oil in the market, you will need to know when to apply it. I recommend doing it immediately after taking a shower.

At this time, the beard is clean and the skin pores will have opened up nicely. Grab a towel and gently run through it to get rid of excess water. However, don’t dry it completely.

It’s always best to leave the beard feeling slightly damp. Also, it will not be a good idea to apply the oil when it’s overly wet.

2. How Much Should You Apply

For many, the initial steps in applying any grooming products involve grabbing the product and pouring a generous amount into their hands and then proceeding to apply it to desired areas.

The process sounds pretty straightforward, right?

But this isn’t the case.

Establishing the amount of oil to use in the beard shouldn’t involve applying guesswork. This is something that should be determined by the thickness and length of the beard.

For instance, I would suggest you use the following amounts:

• For a new beard less than a month old—between 3—4 drops

• A beard older than a month but less than 3 months old—between 4—6 drops

• Beards older than 3 months but younger than 1 year—between 6-10 drops

• Beards older than 1 year—10 drops and above

Remember that this short guide above is based on my recommendation. The trial and error method is often the quickest way to determine what amount works for you.

Pro Tip: I should mention that unlike water, beard oil will not evaporate. As such, applying too much will cause it to start dripping onto your clothes, which will ultimately lead to undesired embarrassment.

3. How Often Should You Use the Beard Oil

This question is in a way similar to the one on how much beard oil to apply. You have to note this is a question that doesn’t necessarily have a straight answer. How often to use the oil will be influenced by numerous factors. Besides, different men won’t have similar types of beards, which implies they will need to use varied oils.

I prefer using beard oil daily. But there’re a few things you can consider when attempting to answer this question:

• If you have a short beard and reside in a region with a humid climate, you can easily get away with only applying the oil every few days.

• For those living in dry climates, they may need to oil their beards a couple of times each day

In some cases, the number of times to oil it comes down to personal preferences.

4. Pouring the Beard Oil

Although the process of pouring oil into an open palm isn’t complicated, you still need to take care not to pour too much. Your normal beard oil will have around 1—3 fluid ounces. All manufacturers apply different mechanisms and caps to simplify the pouring process.

You have to note that the goal here is to reduce your chances of wasting any oil and at the same time ensuring you don’t apply more than is needed.

For bottles with droppers, make certain the dropper is immediately replaced after dispensing the oil into your palm.

5. Applying Your Beard Oil

Now that we have gone through the process of determining how much to apply and how often to do so, it’s now time to apply the oil. Confirm your skin is clean and a little bit damp before proceeding.

I. Pour the beard oil and slowly spread it on your fingers and palms

II. Use your fingers to work it inside the skin before you can attempt to spread it.

III. Evenly distribute the oil by applying it with the grain and across it

IV. Using your palms, brush against the beard on the sides of the face as well as on the front part.

V. Take the hands through the bottom part even as you continue to evenly spread the oil

VI. Coat the mustache hairs using your fingertips

6. Combing the Hair: The Finishing Touch

For those that haven’t invested in a good beard comb, I suggest you do so now. This is one tool you will need when applying beard oil.

Combing the beard comes with many benefits such as making the beard fuller, preventing ingrown hairs, and ensuring stray beard hairs don’t find their way into your mouth.


One question that keeps popping up whenever beard grooming is discussed is “why do you need to use beard oil?”

The reality is that like beard wax and balm, beard combs and beard trimmers, beard oil is integral in making the beard look good.

If looking to start styling your beard as it grows longer, the beard oil will help with this. And beard oil has many benefits the modern man can’t afford to overlook, in his quest to becoming a well-groomed guy!

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