Jetsetter and Bonvivant, for over 25 years, Carlos Melia has developed a personal brand as a world leading Luxury Travel Curator. He has become a full-service bespoke Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, Concierge, Hospitality Consultant and Celebrity Wedding Planner, earning the mote of “Little Marco Polo”.
Carlos weaves from one destination to another creating a personal reportoire of Luxury Travel & Lifestyle by journalling his experiences, one step at the time.

As part of VIRTUOSO, the leading network of global luxury travel consultants, Carlos Melia has direct access to exclusive suppliers, services and VIP Amenities worldwide.  So Rogue Magazine caught up with Carlos between flights to pick his brain on essential tips for travelling from a luxury consultant.

So Carlos, How did you first get caught with the travelling bug ?

CARLOS Well it is a long story… but I was basically born into it. I come from a family of Commercial Pilots. So I was practically raised aboard a jetliner, always on the move from my native Buenos Aires, Argentina… to the world. By the age of 10, I had been around the world once. My first trip alone was to South Africa, when I was 15 years old, and from there, I have devoted my life to this lifestyle and industry, having worked all around the world, for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and for the last 20 years, running my own travel agency, curating the world of luxury travel and lifestyle one destination at the time.

Where would you most wish to return to and why?

CARLOS: Well there are two, I must say, that have – over the years – marked my life forever. Interestingly enough, both are in Asia. First one, my ongoing trips to northern Thailand, to live with the elephants and train to become a Mahout – aka. elephant whisperer. And second, was taking part of the “Ganga Aarti” ceremony in Varanasi, India while floating along the banks of the River Ganges.
Why? because both represent what travel means to me… Experiences that create and spark life changing events in your life.

Where was the last place you really found it hard to leave and why?

CARLOS Well it has to be of course Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was there a few days back… and the reason why, is because it is my hometown, where all my family and friends live. So it is always bittersweet to leave. But I try to visit at least 3 times a year. So always looking forward to the next one….

“ Luxury, has so many interpretations. I believe, it is most authentic, when understood beyond the obvious. It all comes down to one individual’s expectations and needs. My luxury, is measured by rarity and sophistication, access to destinations, services, individuals and experiences, which go beyond the mere concept of self-indulgence..”. Carlos Melia

What five items do you feel are essential travel accessories?

CARLOS My portable WIFI HotSpot to always remain connected and share my travel experiences on the go + my iPhone packed with apps that will ease my experience and allow me to take great photos + a pocket tripod ( and I do not mean a selfie stick ha ha ha ) + my MUD Masks to recover after a flight + my Melatonin Pills to sleep on the plane and get over the jet-lag

Is there are book you recommend to people that reflect the traveller spirit?

CARLOS: Well of course The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

How do you deal with the language barrier?

CARLOS: Which barriers ? there are no barriers today.

Any tips you can recommend when in a new environment?

CARLOS: Blend IN. !!!! and learn…

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