There’s a serious problem with most popular books about entrepreneurship: they assume that all readers want to quit their jobs and go blazing into the start-up world. But if you have a family to support and a mortgage to pay, a job that provides a steady income and health insurance is difficult, if not impossible, to give up. Where can the ordinary person, who doesn’t have a million in the bank and an MBA to their name, go for entrepreneurship advice?

“A Side Hustle isn’t about making a few extra bucks selling lemonade to your neighbors. Chris Guillebeau has created a step-by-step methodology for imagining, building, and launching side projects that can earn real, serious cash. In my years investing on Shark Tank, I’ve seen firsthand how side hustles can take off and grow into some major profits. Whether you want to supplement your pay check, or jumpstart a full-fledged business, Guillebeau will show you how to get your hustle going in just 27 days flat.”

Daymond John, star of ABC’s Emmy Award winning business show Shark Tank

A July Bankstreet survey revealed a startling development in the American labor economy: 44 million respondents reported earning revenue from a secondary income source— a side hustle. For some of these individuals, having a secondary income source might just mean a second job, but for a large segment of these side hustlers, a secondary
income source opens up doors to the world of entrepreneurship. And starting a new business, even a small one, requires know-how.

“The essential guide for anyone who wants to create more freedom, opportunity, and security by
launching a profitable side hustle” On his popular podcast, Chris often says, “Inspiration is good, but
inspiration combined with action is so much better,” and Side Hustle provides both. It’s packed with
practical tips and strategies—illustrated by compelling stories of real-life hustles—that will inspire
readers to start their side hustles now.”

Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Four Tendencies and The Happiness Project



Enter SIDE HUSTLE: From Idea to Income in 27 Days by Chris Guillebeau Defined as any money-making venture or project that one can do alongside their more stable and steady job, the SIDE HUSTLE is the solution for those wishing to pursue their passions, earn extra income, and enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship – without all the risks.

Chris Guillebeau, the host of the Side Hustle School podcast and the author of several bestselling books such as The $100 Startup, has traveled the world meeting with readers about entrepreneurship and living a freer, more adventurous life. And despite their diverse ages and backgrounds, there’s one concept that always seems to make readers’ eyes light up: the side hustle. It makes sense. Who doesn’t love the idea of making extra money outside of a day job?

“Hobbies cost you money, legit side businesses make money. If you want to get on the road to
financial freedom and enjoy more passion and choice in your life, Side Hustle can help you take the
first critical steps.”

Jessica Herrin, CEO and Founder, Stella and Dot

But a side hustle isn’t just about extra money. At a time when the idea of a company being loyal to itsworkers seems almost quaint, SIDE HUSTLE is the new job security. When you have multiple sources of income, you aren’t bound by the whims of a single employer. More income means more options. And more options equals freedom.

You don’t need entrepreneurial experience, an MBA, or investors to launch a profitable side hustle. But you do need a detailed, step-by-step guide to launching your project. Through practical tips and strategies that you can put into action right away, Guillebeau walks you through everything you need do to go from idea to income in 27 days. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build an arsenal of great side hustle ideas – and then choose the one with the most potential
  • Identify the profile of that one customer your hustle is meant to serve
  • Improve your sales and marketing by channeling your inner Girl Scout
  • Master the art of deals, discounts and special offers
  • Raise your game: improve, expand, or make more money off your hustle

Along the way, you’ll read engaging stories about dozens of successful side hustlers. You’ll mee

  • The Pennsylvania oil and gas rep who brings in an extra $1,000 a month posting images on Pinterest
  • The single mom who designed her own astrology calendar and immediately made $5,000 on etsy
  • The software developer who raked in $7,500 a month after creating a real-time Bay Area traffic app
  • The theme park portrait artist who now makes $250 an hour doing digital caricatures at upscale events
  • The newlyweds who turned a honeymoon trip to Nepal into a $15,000 fashion brand

“There’s a great temptation to assume that side hustles are just for “special people,” like artists,
dreamers, and 17-year-old computer geniuses. But Guillebeau deftly proves everyone can (and should)
have a side hustle. More than that, he shows you how. He is living proof that this book works, and so
are the many people who have followed his roadmap.”

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling Author of Finish

SIDE HUSTLE is not about quitting your job to become an entrepreneur. It’s for everyone on theoutside of the entrepreneurial world looking in. The message is simple: you don’t have to quit your day job to build a fast track to freedom. You can increase your income and your job security by doing something you love.


CHRIS GUILLEBEAU is the author of the bestselling author of books including Born to This, The $100 Startup,
The Happiness of Pursuit, and The Art of Non-Conformity. He is also the founder and host of Side Hustle School, a daily podcast with more than 2 million downloads per month. During a lifetime of self-employment and side hustling, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday.

“Chris Guillebeau is back with another book that will teach you not just how to earn more, but
ultimately how to live better. He says we can all benefit from a ‘side hustle,’ work you we do in
addition to our day job. And he shows us how to make it happen. In fact, if you follow Chris’s
guidance, you can establish your own side hustle in just 5 week. What’s stopping you?”

Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive and To Sell is Human

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