Lector’s Wardrobe

Brilliantly portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen in the series, Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a gifted forensic psychiatrist with a love of tailored suits and haute cuisine. But one thing that keeps coming to mind with each episode is what will Lector be wearing next.

In order for the show’s creator to fully embrace the elegance and charm of the serial killer, Bryan Fuller turned to Christopher Hargadon a renowned costume designer, to help choose Hannibal’s wardrobe for each episode.

From Science Fiction projects like Anon, to TV shows like The Kennedys and westerns like Forsaken, Hargadon builds a sense of the period and tone for each scene.

Hannibal’s style is eccentrically bold and yet, crisply elegant and understated at the same time. One look at the character and you know that everything he wears is chosen with an eye for detail. His custom suits and combinations from local suitmaker Garrison are refined in the most dapper of ways, yet Hargadon has managed to use accessories and colors to create these whimsically flamboyant accents that showcase Hannibal’s brazen and yet reserved personality.

The key difference between Mikkelsen’s Hannibal and the Hannibal in the previous films is that Mikkelsen reminds you of Satan but in the most charming and elegant way that makes you want to sell him your soul.

How To Dress Like Hannibal

  1. Wear bold, single breasted three piece suits
  2. Suit patterns must be unusual and include, plaids, checks, windowpanes and stripes, always in unusual color combinations with a certain amount of contrast
  3. Colors: Skip the usual navy and grey and opt for browns, greens, and brighter blues for suits and jackets. For shirts, stick with pastel colors and small patterns. Strong dark colors are often difficult to combine elegantly and you really must have a very good sense of style to pull them off without looking ridiculous.
  4. Shirt Details: Go with a spread collar, barrel cuffs and mother of pearl buttons.
  5. Ties: Go with unusual ties in jacquard weaves and bold prints. Although he does not wear them, knit ties and wool or wool blend ties help you to create this unique look that separates you from the crowd. For a selection of unique neckties in the right size for you, click here.
  6. Pocket Squares: Hannibal utilizes a wide range of linen silk and wool pocket squares all folded in a nonchalant way. You definitely want a wide range of out-of-the-box colors and textures which you can find in our shop here. Click here to learn how to fold pocket squares in a way Hannibal would approve.
  7. Socks: Over the calf socks are a must. Ideally you try to choose the color and pattern so it goes well with another accessory without matching it 100%.
  8. Shoes: As in most TV shows, shoes are not seen very often. When at home, Hannibal likes to wear velvet slippers. Otherwise he sticks with leather Oxfords.
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