Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness by Jake Melton is about creating laser shape focus on the things that matter. Are people, things or obligations getting in your way and eating up your energy. To People Who Want to Cut The Crap In Their Lives, But Can’t Get Started, Jake Melton may have found a cure in his new book.

Local family takes truckloads of unnecessary possessions and clutter to nearby donation center. This family of 6 was inspired to take what was occupying too much space in their home and give what they don’t use to those in need. Family has been in tears from the dramatic difference it has made in only one day.

”The world we live in today is so concentrated with the unnecessary and the non-essential. I’m not perfect (surprise), but I’ve been able to see drastic changes in my life because I recognized what the crap was I was dealing with in my life, that caused me stress, anxiety, fear, and anger, and was able to apply powerful principles of minimalism to help me cut it out of my reality.

I have applied these ideas and lessons to my business, my relationships, my attitudes and mentality, my processes, my habits, everything! Obviously, it’s changed my life—I wrote a book about it!”

Jake B. Melton

Jake B. Melton is a change speaker and author, a minimalist, and modern workforce and generation expert. He has applied the principles of minimalism, simplicity, focus, and purpose to every aspect of his life and has seen significant change in his own life and in the lives of his clients.

During his minimalist journey, Jake learned how to focus his business, focus his clients’ businesses, and help others improve their lives by ridding the things that aren’t helping them progress. He lives to help others find peace, happiness, and purpose by applying the principles of “minimalism.” He helps entrepreneurs and executives alike increase profits by minimizing mental and physical clutter and by cutting the crap.

“Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness: Cut the Crap” is a simple, yet profound and empowering book that helps you understand where to begin cutting the crap and finding added happiness in your life, whether it’s by giving or getting rid of things that don’t contribute to your life’s progress.

It’s not just about clearing physical clutter either, in fact, it’s more focused on clearing mental clutter and negativity in your business, your relationships, your home, and your own personal life.

Stop putting it off and start cutting the crap in your life today.

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