What communication skills can we learn from Bill Clinton that literally brings women to their knees (in the Oval Office). How did he generate such loyalty among his staff and public. Love him or hate him Clinton had a unique set of weapons he deployed to amass a following rarely seen in a head of state.

Mark Hughes the Screenwriter, Film Critic at Forbes spoke about his meetings with Bill Clinton and this seems to mirror everyone who has come into contact with his magic charisma.

I met Clinton several times, first as a civilian before he was president and later while working on his first presidential campaign. The best way I can describe him to you is this: When you are talking to him, you feel like he doesn’t care about anything or anybody else around but you. He makes you feel like the most important person in the room, which is an assessment I’ve heard many people make about him and it’s absolutely true.

Clinton will look you in the eye and make you feel like he’s confiding in you with complete candor. He seems confident in what he’s saying without seeming to know he’s the smartest guy you’ve probably ever talked to. You feel like he really does understand you, and that you really understand him”.

1. Clinton Listens First

The experience of truly being heard is a rare factor in our fast paced digital world. In many regards we’ve forgotten how to connect with others in a way that’s meaningful and engaging to them. Effective listening takes effort, energy and concentration, this ability to listen is what marks Bill Clinton as a charismatic leader of men and seducer of women.

2. Clinton Leads With Questions

People love to be respected and by asking real questions about their lives, hopes and dreams engage people, Bill is renowned for taking the time to ask insightful questions.

3. Clinton Creates Rapport

Trying too hard implies resistance and the vibes we give out are subtle but people can detect insincerity. Natural rapport is about mirroring techniques of body language, speech pattern timbre, volume and tone and adopting their language.

4. Clinton seems Authentic

Always be yourself and share and be open about the experiences that have helped shape you as a person. Effectively we’ve stopped trying too hard to be something we’re not and started “being” more of the person we truly are.

5. Clinton has Empathy

People who have developed influencing capability have learned to put themselves in others shoes and have really got to understand the other person’s perspective.

Mark Evans

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lives out of his rucksack, and a battered powerbook where he runs several online businesses. When he is not developing ideas he is also a freelance journalist for Huffington Post, GQ and Penthouse.

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