How To Be More Attractive Instantly

Ever meet someone and think, “My God, their presence is just electric.”? Its got to be chemical, right? Nope. Well maybe their mind is just hardwired differently. Not quite that either. Surely it has to be something one is born with. Yeah… no. Contrary to popular belief, charisma is something you can actually learn. And work on a little more each day. It essentially boils down to learned behaviour.

Clinton’s Weapons

What communication skills can we learn from Bill Clinton that literally brings women to their knees (in the Oval Office). How did he generate such loyalty among his staff and public. Love him or hate him Clinton had a unique set of weapons he deployed to amass a following rarely seen in a head of state.

The Charisma Myth Revisited

Can we develop Bond like levels of charisma and self confidence, Olivia Fox Cabane believes she has created the formula to tap into this near mystical state of influence. In her book The Charisma Myth, she explores the keys tools you need to become more charming, self assured and magnetic in every situation. The word charisma literally means someone who has a connection to the gods, somebody who can reach into the numinous or unseen world and bring back messages. So if you really want to be more charismatic, here are the skills you can develop.