Robert Greene’s Mastery Keys

What is the secret to Mastery? This is the question Robert Greene has poised to answer in his most recent book. Greene’s insights into the path to expertise in any field is based on his profound insights into the lives of  Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday and Charles Darwin to name but a few. Only with the author’s vast knowledge and historical research to find answers, has he enlightened us with another excellent product. These answers to personal mastery Greene welcomes us to apply in our own lives.

Globe Trotting with Carlos Melia

Jetsetter and Bonvivant, for over 25 years, Carlos Melia has developed a personal brand as a world leading Luxury Travel Curator. He has become a full-service bespoke Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, Concierge, Hospitality Consultant and Celebrity Wedding Planner, earning the mote of “Little Marco Polo”.
Carlos weaves from one destination to another creating a personal reportoire of Luxury Travel & Lifestyle by journalling his experiences, one step at the time.

Stealing Beauty

Dan Hecho has been capturing the female form with his unique eye for composition for over a decade. His work has made him one of the most inspired photographers of his generation. Dan was born in Ukraine, where he received his art education, and he insists that it is this formal education in fine art that refined his eye for sublime detail and neo-classical style.

Since childhood, Dan had an interest in photography, but did not turn professional until 2007 chosing instead to dedicate himself to the study of the masters of the renaissance. He used his studies to experiment with filters to perfect his personal style of glamour photography. His own master classes, lectures and photo school have been visited by several thousand people over the past few years, due to his unique vision and artistic eye for detail.

Bulletproof your Breakfast

Bulletproof Coffee is not your average latte. It’s a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function. Bulletproof Coffee has helped everyone from driven CEOs to professional athletes to busy parents increase their energy so they can do more of what fulfills them.

How To Be More Attractive Instantly

Ever meet someone and think, “My God, their presence is just electric.”? Its got to be chemical, right? Nope. Well maybe their mind is just hardwired differently. Not quite that either. Surely it has to be something one is born with. Yeah… no. Contrary to popular belief, charisma is something you can actually learn. And work on a little more each day. It essentially boils down to learned behaviour.

Up your LinkedIn Game

Most people sign up to linkedin and stop thinking about it, believing it a virtual Resume, but Chuck Hester is leading the revolution, educating people on the real power of this essential business tool. Rogue asked him to share his quick Linkedin tips to help turbo charge your network.

Chuck Hester is a pay it forward LinkedIn trainer and speaker who works with clients to help them succeed through one-to-one training, workshops, and presentations. He has an innate ability to communicate with his clients and audiences in a way that they can easily relate to, creating actionable steps to improve their businesses.

Self Reliance

We are born into a world where society creates a model that does all it can to subdue the essential characteristic of happiness and success. The key to living life on your own terms. This lost skill is the base of all over skills and it is called Self-Reliance. Emerson read the definitive essay on the subject and it has become essential reading for all people looking to take life by the balls.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best in his 1841 essay called Self-Reliance:

“Society is a wave. The wave moves onward, but the water of which it is composed does not.”

People have not changed. The problems you’re facing today are not new. And one of those problems is that we are needy. VERY needy. And we expect others: parents, employers, lovers and politics to sedate our needs. We are indoctrinated to depend on others to live. But their is a better way. A path to real freedom.

Zero Fucks Given

Modern society is the perfect petri-disk for depression. Social Media updating to see how many likes our last post got, Success Gurus telling us that we simply must live up to our full potential. Everyone has to make a dent in the universe.

We are all special so we’d better start behaving like it.

Well one book that has changed the game on Success, Happiness and Love comes from Mark Manson, Author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,”. His best-selling concept that not giving a fuck is actually the key to happiness.

The Mantra of this new lifestyle is “Zero Fucks Given“. It’s about letting go of the things that shouldn’t matter, so you can start to live for the things that do.

He began noticing that a lot of people were suffering from simply prioritizing and valuing the wrong things. “I was experimenting with different ways to approach the idea that happiness is all about changing your values,” Manson says. “When I wrote an article about the subtle art of not giving a fuck, people loved it and shared it with their friends. So I stuck with that and used it for the book.”

Do Pheromones Work?

Rogue sent out his team of rascals to try out  Pherazone For Men a concentrated pheromone spray promising to led ladies astray. We discuss our findings on what has been touted as the best chemical romance on the market. By definition, pheromones are odorless airborne chemicals transmitted by animals to influence behavior in the opposite sex.
But does Pherazone deliver.

Make Your Bed

It might be a small accomplishment, but it sets the tone for the entire day. Perhaps no one has extolled this virtue of making the bed each morning as well as Naval Admiral William McRaven, the commander of U.S. Special Operations.