You’re Crazy, I’m Crazy

Think about a new talk show that NBC or CBS wanted to produce that included all David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, and Ellen DeGeneres. It could be a nightmare, but hey, it could also be legendary. Not counting the various preferences in content and comedy, there are ways they each like to run their show, ways they prefer to tell their jokes, ways they interview guests, etc. That could cause disengagement, animosity, jealousy, and basically spark a fire from them being in the same room together. However, because of their diverse experiences, talents, skills, ideas, it could be the best talk show to ever air on the planet.

How To Be Rich

Having just watched the very entertaining and star studded ‘All The Money In The World‘ with that great theatre powerhouse Kevin Spacey, ahem, I mean Christopher Plummer. The story of Jean Paul Getty intrigued me enough to grab a copy of his How to be Rich. It’s essentially a series of short essays with Getty explaining his take on the world of business. And as explained in the movie. Anyone can get rich, that’s easy. How to be rich, now that’s the trick.

David Bach 15 Timeless Truths

David Bach is one of America’s most prolific and bestselling financial authors of our time who has helped millions around the world learn how to live and finish rich through his books, seminars, television appearances. He has written eleven consecutive national bestsellers with more than seven million books in print, translated in over 19 languages.

James Altucher Reinvents Success

Only a handful of people have influenced the next generation entrepreneur as powerfully as James Altucher. He wrote the playbook on developing success through Passive Income, Online Marketing, Hedge Fund Management, blogging, then podcasting while writing a string of best selling books including my personal favorite Choose Yourself.

Altucher is fearless in his articles, renowned for disecting his own life and sharing his insights with a uniquely Altucherian humor. It’s this sense of humor, his readership have come to love and respect. James does not claim to be above mistakes, he embraces them and uses them to teach. He is currently trying some stand up.

Now, in classic form, James has decided to rip up his own playbook and start again, literally on page one, with his new book Reinvent Yourself.

Enter the Hustler

There’s a serious problem with most popular books about entrepreneurship: they assume that all readers want to quit their jobs and go blazing into the start-up world. But if you have a family to support and a mortgage to pay, a job that provides a steady income and health insurance is difficult, if not impossible, to give up. Where can the ordinary person, who doesn’t have a million in the bank and an MBA to their name, go for entrepreneurship advice?

Success Comes in CANS!

At the beginning of the 1800’s, food storage was a major concern for America. Across the water in England, a man named Bryan Donkin invented Canning. Donkin’s creation preserved foods beautifully, though the early cans were made of wrought iron. They were heavy and almost impossible to get into. One brand bore instructions to open with a hammer and chisel! Soldiers usually attacked them with bayonets or fired bullets into them. The real breakthrough came when a lighter material was used, this in turn enabled mass production. The stage was set for Ezra J. Warner, the man that invented the Can Opener. On January 5, 1958 the first can opener was sold. It made Ezra wealthy and famous.

Up your LinkedIn Game

Most people sign up to linkedin and stop thinking about it, believing it a virtual Resume, but Chuck Hester is leading the revolution, educating people on the real power of this essential business tool. Rogue asked him to share his quick Linkedin tips to help turbo charge your network.

Chuck Hester is a pay it forward LinkedIn trainer and speaker who works with clients to help them succeed through one-to-one training, workshops, and presentations. He has an innate ability to communicate with his clients and audiences in a way that they can easily relate to, creating actionable steps to improve their businesses.