Cut the Crap

Minimalize to Maximize Your Happiness by Jake Melton is about creating laser shape focus on the things that matter. Are people, things or obligations getting in your way and eating up your energy. To People Who Want to Cut The Crap In Their Lives, But Can’t Get Started, Jake Melton may have found a cure in his new book.

Me, My Suit and Tie

Me, My Suit and Tie is the brainchild of three friends and colleagues; Sebastian, Paul and Ben. They wanted to create a solution to help their fellow menfolk dress well with minimum effort and low cost. The accessories gift sets.

Subscription Boxes for the Modern Gentleman

Pixter Review

Rogue was asked to review a new universal lens Starter Pack by Pixter to improve mobile phone photography and we were curious to see the results. Those 3 lenses will offer an unprecedented diversity of photographic creations for your smartphone.

Joshua Seiden on UX

UX is a buzz word in the design community, although it has been around for some time many people are still struggling with this term when looking to their next online project. With that in mind we, at Rogue, contacted Josh Seiden, an independent consultant and best selling author to discuss where UX design features in the process of creating a successful online presence.

Matt Fiddes Interview

Matt Fiddes, fitness entrepreneur, is one of the most respected experts in the international world of martial arts and fitness. Matt’s achievements have seen him honoured at the highest level, after being inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with the prestigious ‘Martial Arts Superstar Award’.

The Dapper Chap

Craig Hammond is a male fashion influencer based in the UK. He was voted top 10 Instagram accounts for mens fashion inspiration, is a Fashion Times top Five Menswear Blogger and NBN Best Fashion Blog Winner. Craig is the owner of where he showcases men’s fashion and other men’s lifestyle and interests including travel, cars, food and drink and things that inspire him. Rogue asked some advice on fashion here.

Apollo IE V12 Monster

Quite literally, “Intensa Emozione” means intense emotion. These two simple words carry great significance – they are the backbone of everything we do, they describe the journey we trekked, they are the final product of our passion.

Limited to ten bespoke units priced at a tasty €2.3m a pop, the Apollo IE is a track-only, road-illegal supercar that’s here to launch Apollo into the boutique exotica scene. No longer affiliated with Roland Gumpert, the company’s been bought out and reimagined by Hong Kong businessman Norman Choi, and he’s created what he describes as a nostalgic GT1 racecar for the 21st century.

Tropic of Cancer

Henry Miller  was an American novelist and painter. He was known for breaking with existing literary forms and developing a new sort of ‘novel’ that is a mixture of novel, autobiography, social criticism, philosophical reflection, surrealist free association, and mysticism.