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Rogue Founder

Michael Davis

Fly fishing enthusiast, an avid bibliophile, he loves a good conspiracy theory (makes life more interesting). Michael has worked in publishing, design and marketing for over 15 years, while taking several years out of his career to travel extensively.

Do you have wifi?

Rogue Chief Editor

Mark David Evans

A serial entrepreneur, Mark lives out of his rucksack, with a battered powerbook where he runs several online businesses from Cafe Lea in Paris V. When he is not developing ideas he is also a freelance journalist with his work published on Huffington Post, GQ and Penthouse (the rascal).


Harry putain Potter, non je n’ai jamais lu

Rogue Digital Marketing

Natalie Fauvage

When Nat is not working she can be found wandering the Latin Quarter of Paris in search of dusty books, With a degree from the ISTEC, Paris, she jumped straight into the arcane world of book publishing for Éditions Gallimard. She was third to join the Rogue team in 2018 and enjoys globe trotters in search of the brightest minds to share their stories. If you have a unique experience and insight to share, Natalie is the person to chat with.


Crikey, I don’t think it was supposed to do that!

Rogue Product Reviewer

Nicholas Simmons

Resident Brit, Nick is a  self confessed Gadget Geek with an unbridled passion for anything with batteries included. We, Roguemag.org, have let him loose with a mission to find the best products on the market and share their pros and cons for you. If you have a product you wish to review then Nic’s your man. Although he plays rough and has been known to bring down a drone in his zealous excitement.


Barriers, there are no barriers

Rogue’s Travel Consultant

Carlos Media

Jetsetter and Bonvivant, for over 25 years, Carlos Melia has developed a personal brand as a world leading Luxury Travel Curator. He has become a full-service bespoke Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, Concierge, Hospitality Consultant and Celebrity Wedding Planner, earning the mote of “Little Marco Polo”.

Rogue’s Product Manager

Dries Boven

Strategic marketeer with hands-on mentality and sound expertise in eCommerce, multichannel marketing, UX strategy, market research, business development and project management. Dries’ motto: “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion“. Dries is the founder of Luxury For Men


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