Grant Cardone’s voice is music to my ears. Most wealth gurus talk about investments and shares, but Grant’s takes you back to the origins of Wealth Creation. He understands that before you invest you have to increase your income to allow room to generate money from money. His model starts from the first rungs on the ladder to success.

Grant Cardone’s First 3 Rules to Success

Step 1 Do the math

Realise that to create wealth is not a one off event and we are all capable of living at a higher level of financial security. The best way to understand this is to do the math on how much money you would need to achieve your aims.

Never lower your target; increase your actions.

Step 2 Before Investing

Forget about the investment model, that comes when you are free from the base needs of surviving on your monthly pay check. You must first have money to pay with before you can be secure enough to risk loss on the stock market. Your inventments must come from an alternative source than you salary. Never invest with money you can’t afford to lose. Focus on generating more incomes streams first.

Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.

Step 3 Who has the Money

Figure out your target market, a list of people or communities who have a need for your services. Work backwards. Before having a products, start building a network of people who will want your product when it is ready. You should have a list of buyers before you have a product, then gear your product to accommodate their needs. Keep asking who has the money and how much they will pay for a product then plan your product around the amount they are willing to spend.

You’ll never be admired without being criticized first.

Step 4 Get Greedy

Most people use the excuse that they only want enough to survive as if it is a moral excuse rather than the truth: They are afraid of failure and wish to remain in their comfort zone. By amassing wealth you can share more, so being wealthy does not mean being bad, it is how you use your wealth that defines who you are.

Never lower your price, add value

Step 5 Control your Money

When you make money, know what to do with it. Most people will happily spend any excess money they make. Once you have money, be careful and know that money sitting on an account is a constant temptation to spend. Tie up or reinvest your money as soon as possible. Work like your broke and sleep like you are rich is the key to financial security.

Focus on creating and producing a future, not what happened yesterday.

For the rest of Grant Cardone’s unique guide to making money I encourage you to buy his simple step guide to creating wealth.


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