Several years ago, I went for a job in a company I had never heard of, founded by a guy who you never heard off and probably never will. In those 25 minutes, I had my life changed by a different perspective what a career can mean. I remember, to this day, sitting in this small office and listening to an unknown, somebody for whom the world passed by without noticing, explain to me how he had single handedly amassed millions and lived a life of carefree adventure.

Wealth had bought him freedom, but he chose to live in the shadows of business.

He openly explained in a person story how he dropped out of the career model and dedicated more time to thinking about making money and not working. Most people believe that finance is a trade between time and money. You give your time, expertise and experience to somebody in exchange for money. This is the poor man’s route through life. Then there is the other path. The road less travelled. Where you set up systems and create automated sources of income. You get paid continuously for the work you put in early. This is how all real wealth is formed.

The education system is broken, it’s purpose is to churn out loyal workers to support the few. You have be indoctrinated into the 9 to 5 lifestyle. This is where you give up on your dreams for a bride. Your salary.

1. Marketing is critical.

One of the lessons I learned in those 15 minutes was that

“How can we sell a product if nobody knows about it?”

The lesson I took away was: You can make the best mouse trap in the world, but if you don’t tell anyone, no one will buy it. Create a product you know will sell, then invest all your energy in promoting it. For every dollar you earn, reinvest 90 cent on marketing. Most people believe so much in the quality of their product they forget that nobody knows it exists and until they do, to are sitting on a oil field without a well to dig it.

2. Find people to complement your abilities.

Most people hire those they feel closest too. Be careful not to surround yourself with like minded personalities. When Churchill became Prime Minister, he created a cabinet of his enemies to be sure it didn’t just listen to people blowing smoke up his ass.

Hire exceptionally smart people who have talents that create very well-rounded, exceptionally creative and remarkable problem-solvers. Find out what skills you lack and then look for those to can fill the gaps.

3. Trust your instincts.

If you don’t believe in a product or service you can never sell it. You will feel like you are ripping your clients or customers off, and they will see/hear it in your body language. If you fully believe in a product, then you will feel driven to share it with people.

Will your business truly improve the lives of others. If not then move on.

4. Go big, be bold, take risks.

Go big, be bold and take risks. The world is your market place. If you can’t become a millionaire in today’s market, you’re an idiot. This may seem crude, but unless you come to believe this you will never Go Big, Be Bold and Take Risks.

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Natalie Fauvage

Natalie finished her degree in the ISTEC - Paris before working for Éditions Gallimard. She joined the team in 2018 and enjoys globe trotters in search of the brightest names to share their stories

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