A new online service is cashed in on the personal stylist market by offering customer chosen clothing by mail. Tooted extensively by best selling author and internet guru Tim Ferriss, Truck Club may have broken the model on buying if like me shopping not your thing? Let a stylist find exactly what you need and send everything straight to your door.

Getting your first trunk is easy

Step 1 Create your Profile

The website guides you through some simple questions about your style, fit and general clothing budget, which they enter into a database and then this process a selection of products based on your preferences.

Step 2 Consult a Stylist

Truck Club have a selection of Stylists ready to answer you question and help you, help them pick the best truck to suit your needs.

Step 3 Verify your Selection

Once your stylist have picked your items, you have a limited time to review and approve of the contents before the first order is send to you.

Step 4 Try Out Your Order

Finally you have received your first truck and you can try them out for size and fit before deciding if you wish to keep the clothing.

The benefits of Trunk Club

Quality Assured

Truck Club only carry the top-quality apparel so you can be assured of quality.

Stylists who listen

Chat with a real person—in real time—about everything from fit to budget to outfitting advice.

Wardrobes that work

We’ll find clothes you love so that you can feel confident every day, for every occasion.

On your schedule

Receive trunks as often as you’d like: monthly, seasonally, or just whenever. You’re in full control.


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